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While I am sure there have been many changes since we all left, you would all recognize it after those 42 years.  The RAFHAAA have their annual AGM in the old schools building, and some of us try to get to these.  These photos were taken by John Dillon with his trusty Leica. Something to jog the memory.

Airfields is still there, though now it is a local flying club more than anything.  The old Vulcans, engine run-up rig etc have all gone, but the old hangars and some of the smaller buildings are still there.

halton hangars 1.JPG (19149 bytes)
halton hangars 2.JPG (20542 bytes)
Workshops is easily recognizable, it seemed old then, not much better now.
and the old "bogs" at the front of workshops are just as salubrious as they were then.
workshops.JPG (20445 bytes)
workshop bogs.JPG (14786 bytes)

Those of you who get the magazine from the RAFHAAA will know that a "tribute" has been erected to all us ex- Brats.  A fitting shape (excuse the pun) as it is the test job we used to have to make to get the two brass shapes to fit.  We'll you'll know what I mean when you look at the larger photos.  It is in front of the old Schools building.

setjob 1.JPG (34456 bytes)        setjob 2.JPG (38175 bytes)

Have any of you been to Halton recently? Send in your photos (to me, Chris Wales, at information at 103 entry) to be added to this page

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