Golden Oldies
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The Golden Oldies
Although strictly not part of the Entry memories, the 'Golden Oldies' is one of the "unofficial" bands of the RAFHAAA. It consists of a number of ex-Halton Apprentices. This link is here as Ken Bannister, who beats the big bass drum, is a member. Ken is very much involved in the band which plays at many venues throughout the year.

Take a look at Newsletter 26 on the Newsletters Page where Ken has written an article about the band's involvement in the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom of Aylesbury.

Below are some photos of the 'Golden Oldies' Band
"Young" Ken Bannister has been banging his drum again with the Golden Oldies, and the bands now have their own Church windows.  Ken sent me the photos below from a recent gathering to see the finished windows.  Any other band members ready to take over from some of the other members playing with Ken?
Ken on Drum 3
Yes, the 'Golden Oldies' also have a window in St. Georges church.
Oldies Window 1
Oldied Window 2
The real 'Oldies'!!
Oldies Band 1
Oldies Band 2

Oldied Band 3
Les Garden and a few others attended the 3 yearly RAFHAAA do at Halton. Les sent these photos.

Ken on Drum 1
Ken on "big drum"

Ken on Drum 2
We're all Golden Oldie's now, Ken.

Parade of "oldies" on the senior wing parade ground.
Not quite as smart as remembered and the arms in the background don't seem to go quite as high.

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