40th Bash 2003
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The 40th Bash - January 2003
Venue: Queens Head in Aylesbury
40th Anniversary of our starting in January 1963.
A really good night had by all, no snow though, so not quite the same as 40 years ago, but then the bodies attending weren't quite so young either!  Les did us proud with the Queen's Head and the food.
Les & Noreen
Queen's Head Pub
Les and Noreen who hosted the 'Do' in one of their pubs, the Queen's Head in Aylesbury.
All the photos below were taken by Chris Wales. Your job is to put names to faces!!
Can you find yourself?
40_01.jpg 40_02a.jpg 40_03a.jpg 40_04a.jpg 40_05a.jpg
40_06a.jpg 40_08a.jpg 40_09a.jpg 40_10a.jpg 40_11a.jpg
40_12a.jpg 40_13a.jpg 40_14a.jpg 40_15a.jpg 40_16a.jpg
40_17a.jpg 40_18a.jpg 40_19a.jpg 40_21a.jpg 40_22a.jpg
40_23a.jpg 40_24a.jpg 40_25a.jpg 40_26a.jpg 40_27a.jpg
40_28a.jpg 40_29a.jpg 40_32a.jpg 40_33a.jpg 40_34a.jpg
40_35a.jpg 40_36a.jpg 40_37a.jpg 40_38a.jpg 40_39a.jpg
40_41a.jpg 40_42a.jpg 40_43a.jpg 40_44a.jpg 40_45a.jpg
40_46a.jpg 40_47a.jpg 40_48a.jpg 40_50a.jpg 40_51a.jpg
40_52a.jpg 40_53a.jpg 40_54a.jpg 40_55a.jpg 40_56a.jpg
40_57a.jpg 40_59a.jpg 40_60a.jpg 40_62a.jpg 40_40a.jpg
40_63a.jpg 40_64a.jpg 40_65a.jpg 40_66a.jpg 40_67a.jpg
A really great night for reminiscing.

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