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The collection of photos below were sent in by Bob Mawson. (Click on a photo for a better view)
Bob Mawson Bob Mawson Bob Mawson
Bob Mawson
The Athlete

1st XI Apprentices
with:  Alex Nicholson, John Mole,
Bob Mawson,Kev Sheehan, Nick Pearson
and Tony Shevels

Halton Apprentices
with: John Mole, Bob Mawson,
Alecx Nicholson and Tony Shevels
Bob Mawson Bob Mawson Bob Mawson
Bob & friends
L to R. Bob Mawson, Tony Johnstone,
Paul Hammond, Gary McMenemy,
Nat Griffiths
Bob & friends
L to R. Tony Johnstone, Trevor Francis,
Bob Mawson, Paul Hammond,
Gary McMenemy
John Bromley giving BM some Drill:
L to R: ??, 'Tiny' Cowsill, Bob Mawson,
John Bromley and Ken Burn
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