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The collection of photos below were sent in by Al Parr. (Click on a photo for a better view)

Al Parr 3 Musketeers! Drying clothes
Al Parr
Just back from hike
3 Musketeers
Les Shardlow, Al Parr, Johnny Mooney
Drying clothes
Al Parr
Testing the Bridge Bull Night Rogue's Gallery
Testing the Bridge
L to R. Johnny Mooney, Al Parr,
George Rattray, Les Shardlow??
Bull Night
Rogue's Gallery:
Eric Perks, Al Parr, Grorge Rattray,
Dave Post, Nick Pearson, Al (Willy) Wilson, Chris Mount, Mick Stannard, ???,
Chris Wales

Dressed for out   Pyramid
Dressed for out
Al Parr, Les Shardlow,
Johnny Mooney, Eric Perks



Les Shardlow, Nick Pearson, Al Parr,
Dave Post, Sean O'Rouke

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