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The collection of photos below sent in by Nick Lamming.
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Nick Lamming 1 & 2 Wings 1 Wing from 2 Wing
Nick Lamming
getting ready for kit inspection
1 and 2 Wings
1 Wing from 2 Wing
Room 1 Room 1 Room 1
Room 1
Dick Houghton, Dick Turkhud,Nick Lamming, Bob Lee, Cy Keen
Pete Ince and others??
Room 1, 3 (A) Wing
Cy Keen, Rick Knight, Andy Hamilton, Bob Lee, Dave Mathers
Cliff Kay, Dick Houghton, George Hope, Dick Turkhud, Gwyn Wheallans
Ray Mathews and others ??
Room 1
Off to Summer Camp Summer Camp Nick at Top
Off to Summer Camp
Dave Mathers, Bob Lee, Cliff Kay, Will Massey, Nick Lamming
At Summer Camp
frnt: Rick Knight, xx McCormack, Dave Mathers, Al Simmons
rear: Pete Laslett, ??, ??
Nick with ??
Geoff Lace Geoff Lace & Car George Hope
Geoff Lace
Geoff Lace and his mum's poor car
George Hope
Mass Bands Room 1 in colour The Sleepwalkers
Mass Bands
Room 1 in colour
(half) 'The Sleepwalkers'
Chris Wales & Alan Patheyjohns

(NL's mum cut the photo so she could just have the part with NL.)
Mass Bands Mass Bands  
Cliff Kay Summer Camp  
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