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The collection of photos below were sent in from Dave Mathers. Some real nostalgic photos.
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Dave Mathers G-AVNC

Dave Mathers c 1965 and his plane (DH Hornet Moth G-ADNE)

Mass Bands Dave & Rick Rick Knight
Mass Bands
Dave Mathers & Rick Knight
Rick Knight at Butlins
Gwyn Weallans George Hope
Gwyn Weallans
George Hope (i think)
Brian Peden, Clive Bullen, Bob Proctor (rear) John McCormack and Peter Laslett
Nick & Dave Ray & Dave
Jeff Owen, Gwyn Weallans, Bob Proctor and 'Bumpoer' man
Nick Lamming & Dave Mathers
with unknown 1 wing band member)

Ray Mathews & Dave Mathers
Bob Proctor Pete Laslett Ian Sturges
Bob Proctor
Pete Laslett
Ian Sturgess
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