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The photos below were sent to me from Richard 'Boot' Hughes.
These really are going back to the 'Good Old Days'. Some people are unidentified. Can you help to put a name to the unknown faces? Click on a photo for a better view.

RH photo1
Who can you name?

RH Photo 2Summer Camp - Who can you name?

RH Photo 3
Colin Frame

RH Photo 4
Click on photo to see who they are.

RH Photo 5Summer Camp
Roger 'Tank' Evanson & Richard 'Boot' Hughes


RH Photo 6
Who can you name?
Nat Griffiths, Colin 'Digby' Martin, Paul Hammond, Gary McMenemy, Len Hawkins, Trevor Francis, Roger 'Tank' Evanson,
Colin 'Taff' Jones

RH Photo 7
Richard Hughes & Ricky Eades in Guernsey

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