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The photos below were sent in from Ian Sturges.
Some real nostalgic photos. (Click on a photo for a better view.)

Ian Sturges
Ian Sturges,  Leading Apprentice c 1965

View of Halton from hills
Apprentices Marching outside 2 Wing NAAFI Halton view from hill Sandy Hamilton, Gwyn Weallans, Pete Laslett and Ian Sturges at volley ball
Ian Sturges taking shot at volley ball
Sandy Hamilton, Dave Mathers, Pete Laslett and Ian Sturges at volley ball
Halton Athletics
Gwyn Weallans, Johnny Mole and others??
Ian Sturges on bed Ian Sturges sunbathing c 1964 Sandy Hamilton sun bathing
Trevor Starbuck holding court with John McCormack and Clive Bullen
John McCormack and Peter Laslett
Ian Sturges  Summer Camp Wales
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