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The photos below were sent to Les garden from Pete Coate's parents and sister.
They all now live in Australia.

Paul Gallagher, Pete Coate, Al Collard 

Hercules XV198 Colerne 10 Sep 73

Bill Davidson, Paul Gallagher, Pete Coate
(Eddie Craig in background). Block 5, 3(A) Wing 63
Top: Pete, L to R Ed Cockram, Pete Callus (with Pete’s left hand on head), ? ,
Eddie Craig, John Dillon, Chris Fair.
Middle Row: Terry Cawthorne, Loh Meng Chew,
Front row: Roly Davis, Dixie  Cameron, Ron Dent, Bill Davidson  63
Terry Cawthorne, Pete Bugden, Bill Davidson (with back to camera) Pete Coate. Paul Gallagher in background.
Sumer Camp Llangurig Welsh Wales 65

Al Collard, Pete, John Dillon ? Alex Nicholson (glasses) Bob “ Monkey” Mawson. On the left is Grif Griffiths ? Summer camp Llangurig Welsh Wales 1965

Front row: Bill Davidson, Loh Meng Chew, Terry Cawthorne,
Middle row: Jon Dillon, Pete Coate, Les Garden, Eddie Craig, Bill “Dixie” Cameron.
Top John “Yogi” Forbear.  63

Pete Coate and Paul Gallagher (Xmas 63)

Pete Coate, Paul Gallagher, Al Collard, Les G,
Bil Dowdeswell, Roly Davis, Chris Edgley  
(Xmas 63)

L to R Bill Dowdeswell, Roly Davis, Chris Edgley,
Pete Coate, Paul Gallagher, Al Collard, Les Garden
(Xmas 63)

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