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This page is for thoses photos that are found in your archives. Here are a selection. Why not dig out some of your treasured Entry memories to share with us.
Just send them to me, Chris Wales, at information at 103 entry and I will include them on this page with your name

I do not know who sent these to me.

Snow on parade ground
Snow in the senior wing covering the parade ground.

2 Wing mess in winter
2 Wing Mess on a winter's day.

3 Wing room mates
A 3 Wing room. (Any names?)
(These name have been sent in by Les Garden
& says it's Block 5 Room 3)

Back Row L- R
Dixy Cameron, Terry Cawthorn, Eddie Craig, John Dillon, Jock Davis, ?, Chris Edgeley, Al Collard & Loh Meng Chieu
Front Row L- R
Tiny Cowsill, ?, Peter Coate, Bill Davidson.
103rd Drummers
103rd Drummers.

Tiny Cowsill at prize giving
'Tiny' Cowsill at Prize giving.

Summer Camp
A Kev Sheehan photo of summer camp.

Two photos sent in from Pete Ince

Pete says:- The first, ‘Three Wing’, was taken in Room 1 of the nearest barrack block to the 3 Wing Parade Ground; I am sorry but I can’t remember the block number and unfortunately I don’t recall who the photographer was either (possibly Geoff Lace).  However I can give you most of the names in the photo.

The second,`Llangurig’, was taken just before we left the summer camp.  They are of myself, Speedy (John Hastings) and Geoff Lace.  There are a few other faces in the background whose names escape me for the moment (one may be John Dillon?) and of course our illustrious Squadron Commander.  Again, I cannot recall who took the picture (Simon Kean or Cliff Kay possibly)
(Click on each photo for a larger image)

3 Wing
- Three Wing -
Left to Right:
Sandy Hamilton, ‘Twink’ Starbuck, Dennis Heath, Gwyn Weallans, (might be Bob Lee just above Gwyn and Dennis), John (Speedy) Hastings, Brian (Jock) Houston (above ‘Speedy’), Ray Matthews, Dick Horton, John Hay (dark tracksuit), I think that the nose and eyes between Dick and myself belong to Cliff Kay, myself, Dick Turkhud, George Hope.
Kneeling:  Dave Mathers, Rick Knight, Simon Kean (probably).
- Llangurig -
Pete Ince, John (Speedy) Hastings, and Geoff Lace
Paul Batt sent these two photos below

Paul Batt
Paul At Halton

Paul Batt (X rated!)
Paul at Halton - (I think this shoud be 'X' rated!)

This photo came from Ron Anderson who lives in Australia

This is Ron with his son Calum and their aircraft.

Ron Anderson
These three photos below were sent from Les Shardlow

Les Shardlow_01
Three Wing
L to R - Alan Parr, Eric Perks, Les Shardlow, Dave Post

Les Shardlow_02
umer Camp
Les Shardlow, John Mooney

Les Shardlow_03
Summer Camp
Les Shardlow

These two photos below are from Chris Wales.
Found them after sorting through some old photos.
Summer Camp
Summer Camp
Eric Perks, Chris Wales, Dave Post

Pass Out Rehersal
Pass-Out Rehersal
Click on photo for a better view
Can you spot yourself?

These photos below are from George Rattray.

George Rattray
George Rattray
Silver Piper - RAF Halton

Eric Perks & George Rattray
Eric Perks & George Rattray

103 Entry Band
103rd Entry Pipe Band
3 Wing- RAF Halton

3 Wing Pipe Band
3 Wing Pipe Band
RAF Halton

2 Wing Pipe Band
2 Wing Pipe Band
RAF Halton

This photo of the Halton Colts Rugby 1963 - 1964 Season
sent in by Jim Dartnell

Halton Colts Rugby 1963 -1964
How many of the entry can you recognise?
Let me know so I can add their names. (Click on photo for a better view)

Churchills Funeral
Churchill's Funeral
(Sent in from Tony 'Charlie' Chaplin

This could be your photo here!

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