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The photos below were sent in by Malc Watts, but probably came originally from Kev Sheehan.
[PS. Malc has put names to faces, I'm not responsible for that!]
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2 Wing
2 Wing 1963

Group photo

Back:  Colin Worth, John Milne, Dave Quantick
Middle:  Kev Sheehan, George McCartney, Alex Nicholson,
Alan Simmonds, Tony Taulbut, Roy Sanders
Front:  John Stevenson, Cyril Griffiths, Keith Nuttal, Alan Milne, Tony Shevels

Kev Sheehan
Kevin Sheehan
Tony Shevills & Colin Worth
Tony Shevels & Colin Worth
Group photo 2
Back:  Colin Worth, Alex Nicholson, Kev Sheehan
Front:  Tony Taulbut, John Stevenson, Tony Shevels

Group photo 3

Alan Milne, ?, ?, Tony Taulbut, Keith Nuttal

George McCartney & Kev Sheehan
George McCartney &
Kev Sheehan
Aylesbury 1964
On Parade
The Band - October 1965

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