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We all Went On A Summer Holiday!
At the Queen's expense a number of the Entry had two weeks free accommodation (tents), food (compo rations) and exercise (run here, run there) in the Brecon Beacons.  It was in '63 or '64, no doubt someone can clarify the date.
Do you remember these field latrines?  Those stinking elsans, loaded to the rim with the natural result of compo sausages? Leaking tents? Ah, the outdoor life. 
To bring back the joy of those days, here are a variety of old photos.

brecons shaving.JPG (23942 bytes)
Morning ablution. Al Collard in a "fetching little washing bowl number", pete Coates who sadly died some years back in a C130 crash, John Dillon shaving, Bob mawson doing his well known hairy primate imitation and Alec Nicholson.
bridge build.JPG (18999 bytes)
What bridge building had to do with compass swings still escapes me, but you don't ask questions when it's too far to walk home.

(Not sure who this bunch are. Anyone recognize themselves?)

Ron on bridge.JPG (87414 bytes)
Above we have Ron Dent showing that John Major's dad isn't the only one who started out as a tight tope walker.

raft building.JPG (28766 bytes)Aft building was another useful skill on Vulcan QRA.  Ron Dent in the water, "just checking how deep it is Sarge!", Chris Fair at the back (?) and Eddie Cochran (??) "adjusting the trim".


Brecon 3 in tent.JPG (95625 bytes) Holiday accommodation care of Her Majesty.  Bill Davidson on the right, John Dillon in the middle (haircut suited to the style of holiday), Terry Cawthorne on the left.


Brecon 3.JPG (73853 bytes) Photo from Chris Wales.   Eric Perks on the left, Nick Pearson and Dave Post on the right.

This set of six (Holiday!) photos below was taken by Gerry Miller.
GMiller.JPG (20925 bytes)Gerry looking a little younger. paterson.JPG (21783 bytes) Mr Patterson by Mr Miller. 2001ft.JPG (25020 bytes)Shagged out at 2001 ft. on a Welsh hilltop.
bridge.JPG (22108 bytes)The Riggers build a bridge....wooppy  poop!! Doug_erects_tent.JPG (21550 bytes)They also put tents up..Gerry's photo says this is "Doug" resting.JPG (22881 bytes)It can all get a bit much for you sometimes.

A photo from Mick Bath.
Mick_Bath_Jim_Dartnell.JPG (21857 bytes)Mick and Jim Dartnall try to get their raft afloat.

What a wonderful summer holiday that was!

Anyone have more photots to add to this historic collection?

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