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The Apprentice Pipe Bands were always a good show, and we like to think we had one of the best, we certainly had some good individuals.   George Rattray stole the show with the Pipes.  He could never stop tapping his feet though, when he was supposed to keep still.  Didn't stop him being the best though!

A couple of photos sent in by Alan (Tiny) Cowsill.
Tiny with Mace Tiny Cowsill

pipers.JPG (12553 bytes)George on the left, own up the rest of you, names have gone I'm afraid. pipers in comp.JPG (24832 bytes)I'm sure this was a band comp, maybe a few pipers recognize themselves.

Band 3.JPG (189882 bytes)Anyone who knows Nick Smith now would never recognize him as the Drum Major in this photo. 
A beard and weight can change a man!!!  Roger Flitter has owned up to being the guy on the right. 
On the left we have Roy Sanders.  


bannister 4.JPG (121431 bytes) Sent in by Ken Bannister, Ken on the left, then Mick Davey, Vince Cooper and Pete Bolton. 
Boots well "bulled", I bet they were the apple in any Drill Corporal's eye. 
Not sure how they got the hair styles under the beret though.

This photo of the Entry Band in 3 Wing was sent by Brian Lee.  Quite a few people there. 
JD had forgotten his brother, Kevin, had a spell in the band, but he's there, back row. 

band103.JPG (99626 bytes)

Back row from left:
?, ?, Vince Cooper, Mick Davey, Pete Bolton, Kev Dillon, Dave Arnold, Gum Goodhew,Dick Grant, Pete Slawson, John Bromley.
Centre row from left:
Ken Bannister, Roy Sanders, ?, ?, Tiny Cowsill, Richard “Boot” Hughes , Tony Chaplin, Mick Stannard, Roger Flitter, John Forbear.
Front row from left;
?, ?, Paddy Stevenson, George Rattray, Flt Sgt Cooke, Brian Houston, Eric Perks, Chris Edgley, ?

(Can anyone help with the missing names?)

Another photo of the band

The Band
Back row from left;
George Rattray, Dick Turkhud, Paddy Stevenson, Tiny Cowsill, George Hope, Brian Houston, Eric Perks
Front row from left;
?, Mick Stannard, Ken Bannister, Flt Lt John Tulk, Kev Murnan, Roger Flitter, Bill Rawden

Gerry Miller has sent me some photos of the Band when we had made it to the Senior side of Halton.

Band comp 1.jpg (24268 bytes)   Band comp 2.jpg (30336 bytes)   Band comp 3.jpg (27182 bytes)   Band comp 4.jpg (22754 bytes)

Also one of John Brom getting his prize.  Unfortunately the photo was too far gone
for Photoshop to recover it to a brighter image.

JBrom.JPG (6025 bytes)

1_wing_trumpets.JPG (22666 bytes) 1 Wing Trumpets......
.. ..don't spit!  
trumpets.JPG (26113 bytes) Trumpeters, John Brom in the middle.  Picture has a blue cast I'm afraid.
silver_piper.JPG (21285 bytes)Silver Piper winner. (Ken Bannister thinks it may be Geoff Taylor, 101st entry) pipers1.JPG (21036 bytes)Tiny and the Pipers.
lmshow65.jpg (110134 bytes)

Lord Mayor's Show, 1965. 

Anyone see themselves in the photo. 
Click the photo for a better view.

(Photo from Frank Dixon 202nd Entry.)

The Band in Slough for a parade, 1965.

103rd Trumpeters
103rd EntryTrumpeters
Left to Right:
John Brom, Pete Slawson, Mick Davey, Dave Arnold, Ron Anderson, Dick Grant, Vince Cooper, Gum Goodhew, Brian Lee, Pete Bolton and Kev Dillon.

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