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This is where you can see what the Entry Association committee do and how the funds are allocated.
The committee normally meets about twice a year.
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Meeting Minutes - December 2020

Notes of a Committee Meeting of the 103rd Entry Association held on Zoom at 1600 hrs on 5th December 2020

Present: BRN, MFHW, CJW, LG, LS, DP, KB, BGL, MW
1.    Apologies - nil.

2.    Minutes of the Jun 20 meeting were accepted.

3.    Treasurers Report - MW submitted a report on our finances which is attached to these minutes. There is currently £1034.21 in the account. Independent scrutiny of accounts not carried out due to present circumstances; Committee approval instead.

4.    Reunion 2021 - at the moment, Reunion 21 will go ahead subject to final approval on 5 Jun 21 committee mtg. MW reported that the hotel was still in business and confident of being available in July 21. Menus and/or option of a Bar B Q will be finalized on 5 Jun. Reminder issued in newsletter for those with food allergies to contact hotel and MW. Name badges to be supplied - KB action,
CJW to do the inserts. A free drink was proposed and BGL offered to make drink tokens for the bar. A raffle was proposed with members supplying bottles, etc. Reminder to be issued prior to the Reunion.

5.    Newsletter: BGL has submitted the latest newsletter. Reunion reminder to be added and executive comment from BRN.

6.    RAFHAA - LS and BRN updated committee on their progress with HAA - very positive feedback - see latest newsletter 8 Dec 20 for more detail.

7.    Website - MW questioned whether the website was relevant; majority of committee felt that it was and should continue. CJW reported that the website was now “secure”. Ongoing review.

8.    Member Contact - as a result of BM’s death not being reported to members quickly enough, BRN apologised for his oversight due to personal circumstances. He requested that a backup committee member (KB) be appointed as a backstop to send out notices. CJW advised that the email list could be stored securely on the website with access granted for nominated committee members to use.

9.    AOB - KB advised Paul Collins’ change of address. CJW questioned whether to continue sending Entry Xmas cards; BRN said that it was more important than ever this year and the cost was not high. To be reviewed in 2021. BGL asked whether Entry Friends were able to be invited to Reunions - affirmative.

10.  Date of Next Meeting - 5 Jun 21; location tbd.

L Garden
9 Dec 20

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