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The following is a list of names of all those who started the 3 year holiday camp,
back in that bitterly cold winter of January 1963.
To assist searching for names, select a trade below to take you to the first name in that trade list.

Surname Initls First Name Trade Comment
ADAMS D.M. Dave Airframe Assn. member
ARNOLD D.C. Dave Airframe Assn. member
BALL R.J. Dick Airframe  
BANNISTER K. Ken Airframe Assn. member
BARRACLOUGH T. Tim Airframe  
BATH M.C. Mick (Spike) Airframe Assn. member
BEALE N.J. Nick Airframe  
BELL J. Jeremy (Dinga) Airframe Assn. member
BOLTON P.J. Pete Airframe Deceased
CHAPLIN A.J. Tony (Charlie) Airframe Assn. member
COLLINS P. Paul Airframe Assn. member
COOPER V.C. Vince Airframe  
COTTLE M.R. Malcolm Airframe Deceased
DARTNALL J.E. Jim Airframe Deceased
DAVEY M.E. Mick Airframe Deceased
EADES R. Rick Airframe Deceased
EVANSON R.W. Roger Airframe Assn. member
FRAME C.S. Collin Airframe Assn. member
FRANCIS T.G. Trevor Airframe  
GARNHAM D.R. Danny Airframe *
GRIFFITHS N Nathaniel Airframe *
HAMMOND P.E.R Paul Airframe *
HAWKINS L.W. Len Airframe  
HENDERSON I.R.R. (Jock) Airframe *
HUGHES R.J. Richard (Boot) Airframe Assn. member
JENNINGS H.C. Howard (St) Airframe  
JOHNSON A. Tony Airframe *
JONES C.G. Colin (Taff ) Airframe  
LOCKHEAD R.   Airframe *
MacLENNAN A.G.   Airframe *
MARTIN C.R. Colin Airframe  
MAWSON R Bob Airframe Deceased
McMENEMY G.R. Garry Airframe Assn. member
MILLER G.R. Gerald Airframe Deceased
MILSOM P.C. Pete Airframe  
MURNAN M.K. Kevin Airframe  
MURPHY D. Dave Airframe  
MYERS J.W. Jess Airframe Assn. member
PALMER D.G. Derek Airframe  
PATERSON M.D. Melvin Airframe Deceased
PEARSON D.M. Doug Airframe Assn. member
RAWDEN A.W. Bill Airframe Assn. member
REAY T.W. Tom Airframe  
ROGERS L.J. Les Airframe Deceased
SEARLE R.E. Dickie Airframe Deceased
SPALDING B.L. Barry Airframe Assn. member
WARBURTON K.I. Ken Airframe Assn. member
WHITE J.D.   Airframe *
WOODHOUSE M.J. Mick Airframe Assn. member
HOWITT A.M. Alan Airframe Deceased

Surname Initls First Name Trade Comment
ANDERSON R.W. Ron Elect. Deceased
ANDREWS K.R.   Elect. *
ARMITAGE I. A. lan Elect. Assn. member
AVERY D.G. Donald (Don) Elect. Deceased
BARBER G.A. Geoff Elect. Deceased
BARRETT J.C.   Elect.  
BATT P. Paul Elect.  
BAYES C.R. Chris Elect. Deceased
BOWDEN D.G. Dave Elect.  
BROMLEY J.R. John Elect. Deceased
BRQUGHTON J.R. John Elect.  
BUGDEN P.R. Pete Elect.  
BULLEN C.F.N. Clive Elect.  
BURN K.D. Ken Elect. Deceased
CAMERON W.W.B. William (Dixie) Elect.  
CAWTHORNE T.R. Terry Elect.  
COATE P.R. Pete Elect. Deceased
COLLARD A.C. Al Elect. Deceased
COWSILL A.R. Alan (Tiny) Elect. Assn. member
CRAIG R.E. Eddie Elect.  
DAVIDSON W.A. Bill Elect. Assn. member
DAVIS A.W.G. Tony Elect.  
DAVIS R.C. Roly Elect.  
DILLON J.A. John Elect.  
DOWDESWELL W. Bill Elect.  
EDGLEY C.R. Chris Elect.  
GALLAGHER W. J. P. Paul (Paddy) Elect. Deceased
GARDEN L. Les Elect. Assn. member
GRANT R.J. Dick Elect.  
GRIFFITH C.A. Cyril Elect.  
HAMILTON A.M. Sandy Elect.  
HASTINGS J.B. John Elect. Deceased
HAY J.C. John Elect.  
HEATH D.. Dennis Elect. *
HOPE G.E. George Elect. Deceased
HORTON R.E. Dick Elect.  
INCE P.H. Pete Elect. Assn. member
KAY C.W. Cliff Elect.  
KEEN S.S Simon Elect.  
KNIGHT A.R. Rick Elect.  
LACE G.J.G. Geoff Elect. Deceased
LAMMING N.C. Nick Elect. Assn. member
LASLETT P.A. Pete Elect. Assn. member
LEE R.A.C. Bob Elect. Deceased
MASSEY W.R.A.. Will Elect. *
MATHERS D.J. Dave Elect. Assn. member
MATHEWS R.N. Ray Elect. Deceased
McCARTNEY G. George Elect.  
McCORMACK J.E. John Elect.  
MILNE T.A. Alan Elect. Deceased
MOLE J. John Elect.  
NICHOLSON A. Alex Elect. Assn. member *
NUTTALL K. Keith Elect.  
OWEN G Geof Elect. Assn. member
PEDEN B.A. Brian Elect.  
PROCTER R.W. Bob Elect. Deceased
QUANTICK D.J. Dave Elect.  
SANDERS R.M. Roy Elect.  
SHEEHAN K.P. Kevin Elect. Assn. member
SHEVELS A . A . Tony Elect.  
SIMMONDS A.M. Alan Elect. Assn. member
STARBUCK T.A. Trevor Elect.  
STEVENSON J.F. John (Paddy) Elect. Assn. member
STURGES I.N.A. lan Elect. Assn. member
TAULBUT A.T. Alan Elect.  
TURKHUD R.I. A. Dick Elect. Deceased
WATTS M.H.F. Malcolm Elect. Assn. member
WEALLANS G.R. Gwynn Elect. Assn. member
WORTH C.A.R. Colin Elect.  

Surname Initls First Name Trade Comment
DILLON K. Kevin Engine  
FLITTER R.E. Roger Engine Assn. member
GAMBLE R. Bob Engine Assn. member
GOODHEW R.C. Rod (Gum) Engine Assn. member
GUY S.M. Steve Engine  
HAYES G.R. Glynn Engine Assn. member
HEY M. Milton Engine Assn. member
KENNEDY I.T. lan Engine Assn. member
PEELE R.A. Bob Engine Deceased
SLAWSON P.R. Pete Engine Assn. member
SMITH M.B. Mike Engine  
WILSON K. Keith Engine  

Surname Initls First Name Trade Comment
BOSSY M.J. Mick Inst. Gen Assn. member
BRISTOW R.J. Dick Inst. Gen  
FAIR C.R. Chris Inst. Gen Assn. member
JOSE D. Dave Inst. Gen *
KETTLE P.K. Paul Inst. Gen  
LEE B.G. Brian Inst. Gen Assn. member
LEWRY M.G. Mick Inst. Gen Assn. member
LISTER J.F. John Inst. Gen  
O'ROURKE S. Shaun Inst. Gen Assn. member
POST D. Dave Inst. Gen Assn. member

Surname Initls First Name Trade Comment
ANGUS B. Bernard Inst. Nav  
BALDWIN T. Tom Inst. Nav  
BESWICK G.R. (Chuck) Inst. Nav  
BORN A.R. Tony Inst. Nav  
CALLUS P.R Pete Inst. Nav  
COCHRAM D Dave Inst. Nav  
DENT R. Ron Inst. Nav  
FORBEAR J.S. John (Yogi) Inst. Nav  
GOBBITT C.E. Cliff Inst. Nav  
GRIFFIN J . John Inst. Nav Deceased
HODGSON M.D. Mick Inst. Nav Deceased
HORNE M.E. Mick Inst. Nav  
HOUSTON B.C. Brian Inst. Nav Deceased
JOHNSTON I. P. Ian Inst. Nav  
JORDAN J.R. John Inst. Nav Deceased
LACEY C.D. Chris Inst. Nav Assn. member
LLOYD J.G. Jeff Inst. Nav Assn. member
LOMAS D.N. Dave Inst. Nav Assn. member
MARKWELL G.D. Graham Inst. Nav  
MAXWELL F.T.T. Tom Inst. Nav  
McKENZIE J. Jim Inst. Nav  
MOONEY J John Inst. Nav  
MORRIS I.R. Iain Inst. Nav  
MOUNT C.G. Chris Inst. Nav Assn. member
NEAL B.R. Barry Inst. Nav Assn. member
PARR A. Alan Inst. Nav  
PEARSON N.J. Nick Inst. Nav  
PERKS E.T. Eric Inst. Nav Assn. member
RATTRAY G. George Inst. Nav  
SHARDLOW L.J. Les Inst. Nav Assn. member
SMITH N. Nick Inst. Nav Assn. member
STANNARD M.J. Mick Inst. Nav  
STEPHENSON B.M Bruce Inst. Nav  
TAYLOR J.R. John Inst. Nav Assn. member
WALES C.J. Chris Inst. Nav Assn. member
WILSON A.E. Alan (Willy) Inst. Nav Deceased
PLENTY B.E. Brian Inst. Nav  

Surname Initls First Name Trade Comment
CARHART J.E. John Inst. Nav  
JOHNSON N.B. Nev Inst. Nav  

Surname Initls First Name Trade Comment
Bin OTHMAN A. Arriffin Airframe  
Bin RAJA GALIB R.B. Raja Baharrudin Engine  
LEONG Y.C. Yew Chew Inst. Gen Deceased
LIEW Y.C. Yin Chuan Airframe  
LIM M.H. Ma Hooi Elect.  
LOH M.C. Meng Chiew Elect.  
SONG T.S. Tiam Swee Engine  
SURIN A. Aloysius (Joe) Inst. Gen  

* Indicates that this person joined the Entry but left or was discharged or transferred to another entry before graduation.

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