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This is where you can see what the Entry Association committee do and how the funds are allocated.
The committee normally meets about twice a year.
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Meeting Minutes - June 2018

Notes of a Committee Meeting of the 103rd Entry Association held at Berinsfield on 3rd June 2018

Present: BRN, BGL, MFHW, CJW, LG, LS, MW, KB Apologies: DP

  1. Minutes - Dec 17 meeting minutes were accepted

  2. Data Protection - action is ongoing; Policy Doc plus Action Plan to be finalised - BRN/BGL

  3. Finance:

      Subs 1st June 2018 £670
      Bank total £2086.57
      Planned expenditure (ex Reunion)
      Website £95
      Charity Donation £25
      Total £120

  4. Reunion: - 63 people attending (Note - 65; Shaun O'Rourke booked)
  5.   Buffett 65x£20 £1300
      Less deposit £200 £1100
      Pipers £200
      Total £1300

    It was agreed that the account should not go under £200. Bar subsidy was ruled out but welcoming drinks (7 for 7-30pm) to be provided. MW/KB to resolve with hotel and advise cost.

    Menu: MW/KB to agree with hotel and advise

    Raffle - LS to organise. Two raffles to be held: Donation raffle at £1 a strip of tickets, donations from members to form prizes; e-mail to encourage donations. Second raffle at £5 a ticket for a holiday in Pete Slawson's holiday flat. Carole/Tracy/Sandi to sell tickets.

    Pipers - play during intro drinks, and then after meal but before raffle. KB to decide timings.

5. Newsletter - BGL to produce post-reunion with input from attendees! BRN to provide article on future membership.

6. AOB - post-meeting: Many thanks to Mick and Tracy for hosting and providing an excellent lunch.

7. Date of Next Meeting - 4 pm, 8th Dec 18 at Watermead

LS Les Garden
Secretary, 4th Jun 18

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