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This is where you can see what the Entry Association committee do and how the funds are allocated.
The committee normally meets about twice a year.
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Meeting Minutes - December 2017

Notes of a Committee Meeting of the 103rd Entry Association held at the Watermead
Inn at 16.00 hrs on 2nd December 2017

Present: BRN, BGL, MFHW, CJW, LG, LS, MW, KB, DP.

1. Apologies: None.

2. Minutes of the last meeting on 3rd June 2017 were accepted unanimously.

3. Matters Arising from June minutes:

GHs' subs still active - action closed.
BN to write to all who have not increased their subs - action complete.

4. Treasurer's Report:

Account balance as at 2 Dec 17 - £1478.49 - account sheet attached. Projected income by 1st June 2018 £2000 approx, deposit to hotel £200 has been paid.
DP certified the accounts - all satisfactory.

5. Reunion 2018

Details of dietary requirements for those with food allergies required. To go in Newsletter - see item 6 below
Raffle to be held, donations welcome - also to go in Newsletter.
Auction also to be held, details to go in Newsletter.
15 rooms have been booked so far, KB to monitor hotel.
Pipers may be a problem due to health issues - KB to monitor.
BRN to advise committee with a list of members to be phone canvassed about attending Reunion.

6. Newsletter:

To be produced by end Jan 18 R Reunion Special with menus, dietary requirements, raffle prize donations, auction arrangements, etc. BRN/KB to update BGL with detail.
LS to put reunion on Facebook.
KB to write to Airmail and RBL magazines with reunion details.
LG to include reunion details in the next deition of The Haltonian.

7. AOB:

CJW updated Jim McKenzie and Tom Maxwell details for Entry register.
How long do we carry on (till we are no longer capable!) - as long as our members require us to do so. Question will be put at the Reunion.
LS asked aw to put a 'countdown to reunion' counter on the website.
Ron Dent had expressed an intention to join the Association but had so far failed to do so. Mike Smith appears to be out of contact.

8. Next Meeting:

3rd June 2018 at MW house at 11am for meeting and lunch. Note that this is a Sunday!

Les Garden
11th December 2017


For earlier meetings see Entry Archives for earlier Committee Meeting Minutes.

If you want something to be minuted at a committee meeting, then send your request to me - Chris Wales,
at and I will make sure it gets brought up at the next meeting.

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