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This is where you can see what the Entry Association committee do and how the funds are allocated.
The committee normally meets about twice a year.
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Meeting Minutes - June 2017

Notes of a Committee Meeting of the 103rd Entry Association held at Berinsfield at ll.00 hrs. on 3rd June 2017

Present: CJW, LS, MW, KB, MFHW, BN

1. Apologies: BGL, LG, DP

2. Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as an accurate record.

3. Matter arising from December minutes - GHs’ subs still active - BGL still to talk to DH.

4. Treasurers Report - account balance as at 1 Jun 17 - £1572; by 1 Jun 18 we should have around £2300. Financially we were in a strong position.

5. Members not paid up - another discussion took place as to what action to take on those who had not increased their DD to E10, and/or had not paid at all. It was agreed that BN would write to all those concerned to ask them to either increase their payment to £10, and/or to pay, with a cut-off date after which their membership would lapse. MW would send a donation of £25 to the British Heart Foundation in memory of Jon Griffin.

Action - BN, MW

6. Reunion 2018

  • 23rd/24th June 2018; buffet; double room £92 B&B per room per night; single room £81 for the same; Ref 103rd Association, earmarked 25 rooms; Lincoln Hotel, Eastgate, Lincoln LN2 1PN; cut-off end-May 2018; need to know who will be accommodated elsewhere but attending the buffet. Dietary requirements will be called for (especially coeliac & gluten- free).
  • 2 pipers & KB will play before 8i after dinner; raffle/auction; non-members to attend by paying for a minimum of 3yrs, or paying £30 per person for the Saturday night.
  • Sunday morning 1030 start at Lincoln Hotel; tour of Upper City 8i Castle; no charge; 1½  hrs.; walking shoes and be prepared for inclement wx.
  • our costs, £1200 buffet & wine(est), pipers £200 (taxis, meals 8< fee), total £1400 circa

7. Newsletter - MW to provide Jon Griffin's obit; BN - Committee Meeting Notes; BN & KB - Reunion Details; LG - Trenchard Museum??; KB - Golden Oldies History; MHFW - Triennial Report It was agreed that the newsletter would stop going to non-members after the 2018 reunion; to be mentioned in this newsletter. LS would provide an article for the January newsletter on Halton's future.

8. AOB - BN would write to Wendy Gore, JG's daughter, to invite her to become a Friend of the Association. (Post-meeting Note - BN would do the same with Jim Dartnall's wife, Ann).

9. Next Meetings

  • 2nd December 2017 at Watermead at 4.00pm.
    2nd June 2018 at MW’s house at 11am

Les Garden
Secretary 14th July 2017

For earlier meetings see Entry Archives for earlier Committee Meeting Minutes.

If you want something to be minuted at a committee meeting, then send your request to me - Chris Wales,
at and I will make sure it gets brought up at the next meeting.

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