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It's a sad fact that as we all get older, we lose a few of our number on the way.  This page is to list those who started out with us in January 1963 and who are no longer with us but always remembered.

One problem is to know when someone from the Entry has passed away.  If this list is incomplete or inaccurate, then it is because of a lack of information, so please let me know if you spot an error or omissions and mail me at information at 103 entry.
It is not necessary to be a member of the association to be listed, just to have been there when it all started way back in January 1963.
The following are believed to be correct.   The dates are as accurate as know.

Name Trade Date
Robert 'Bob' Peele Engine 25th June 2019
Don Avery Elect 13th June 2019
Chris Fair Inst Gen 5th April 2019
John Jordan Inst Nav 11th Oct 2018
Duncan Paterson Airframe 30th September 2018
Jim Dartnell Airframe 1 July 2017
Jon Griffen Inst. Nav 15 May 2017
Pete Bolton Airframe November 2016
George Hope Elect 17th March 2015
Alan Howitt Airframe 18th April 2014
Malcolm Cottle Airframe 14th March 2013
Ron Anderson Elect May 2012
Leong Yew Chew Inst Fitt Gen 11 September 2011
Mick Davey Airframe November 2008
Geoff Barber Elect 29 September 2008
Alan Milne Elect 12 April 2008
Chris Bayes Elect 30 August 2007
Dave Jose Inst Gen Jul 2006
Gerry 'Dusty' Miller Airframe 20 October 2005
Bob Procter Elect 10 October 2005
Rick Eades Airframe 9 March 2005
Dick Searle Airframe 2 November 2004
Dick Turkhud Elect 13 June 2003
Al Collard Elect 9 December 2002
Ken Burn Elect 8 June 2001
John Bromley Elect 5 December 1997
Paul 'Paddy' Gallagher Elect 19 January 1997
Brian Houston Inst. Nav 1993
Pete Coate Elect 10 September 1973
Ray Mathews Elect Not Known




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